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Our changing world : Russian President Vladimir Putin puts the fascist Gaystapo ideology and its western henchmen under scrutiny

” Fools  rush in where wise men  never  go”   Putin : Defending national identity, based on religious values The Russian head of state speaks at the Valdai Club forum , dedicated to Russian identity , and dedicated his entire … Continue reading

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Dunce , just plain stupid or a plan to re-order society ?

Although  the medical  literature  is  full  of data  as  it  relates  to  HIV  and  MSM  senior Conservative Lord Norman Fowler  appears  to be  ignorant  of  the  facts   and  makes  a  particularly  foolish  presentation  in the House  of  Lords  which is  … Continue reading

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HIV in MSM : anal penetration and role reversal the engine of the epidemic

    Lancet Special Issue on HIV in Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)   Executive Summary The Lancet MSM and HIV series show us that HIV epidemics among MSM are fundamentally different  from other groups at risk. These differences help explain why HIV epidemics among … Continue reading

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Dunce, Diseased and Depraved #3 – London and the Terrence Higgins Trust show pride in chariot racing, felching, scat etc Historically, HIV has hit the gay community in the UK first and hardest. For the first 17 years of the epidemic, the highest number of new diagnoses of HIV were among gay men and men who have sex with … Continue reading

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Who will guard the Guard ?: Protecting the “United Nations Declaration of Human Rights” from depravity .

Jamaica’s  buggery law makes  activities  such  as  fisting, felching, rimming, anal penetration  between Men who  have Sex  with Men (MSM)  illegal. However  some  persons   claim ” privacy rights”   to  these  depraved   behaviours  staking  their  claims  to  these  rights  … Continue reading

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Gay the “new” black, the “Hard Cell Playroom” the “new” normal, sodomy laws the “new” Jim Crow

The APA decision December 1973: declassification of homosexuality as an illness, Charles Kaiser argues, was the gay movement’s most revolutionary moment. (Bold beginnings).…-a094598255 The best day of the 20th century for every lesbian and gay man in America was … Continue reading

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Take sleep mark death : tolerance and unconditional love ?

The  present  face  of  LGBT  activism  in Jamaica.         LGBT  activism  in  England  :    

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LGBT Fascism (Pennsylvania – Marcavage Vs Rendell) : Take sleep mark death !

In 2004   11  christians  are  arrested  in Pennsylvania  after  protesting  by  preaching  and singing  hyms  at  Outfest 2004, Philadelphia’s National Coming Out Day celebration  under  an  unconstitutionally implemented expanded hate crimes law .   The  illegally  implemented  law  was  eventually  … Continue reading

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Demonstrating for “rights” to anal penetration,fisting,”farming’, rimming, brown showers, watersports ?

A) Wikipedia  reviews  Jamaica  sodomy laws  at : Jamaican criminal code prohibits sex between men, as is the case in much of the English-speaking Caribbean. Article 76 of the Offences Against the Person Act states: Whosoever shall be convicted … Continue reading

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Russian citizens do not embrace “Hard Cell” Playroom – may sue Madonna for moral damage

LGBT  equality  inevitably  gives   tacit  support   to   the   activities  of  the Hard  Cell  Playroom : Unlike  persons  such as  Archbishop  Tutu, UN Secretary  Ban  Ki-Moon  etc  a  group  calling  itself    Union of Russian Citizens  does  … Continue reading

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