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Britain : From Magna Carta to Fascist Gaystapo regime and embrace of the “Hard Cell” Playroom

  The remedy for speech that is false is speech that is true. This is the ordinary course in a free society. The response to the unreasoned is the rational; to the uninformed, the enlightened; to the straight-out lie, the … Continue reading

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LGBT Fascism : Canadian Supreme Court muzzles free speech in favour of fisting, felching, rimming, “farming”, scat, anal penetration, chariot racing etc among MSM ?

In seeking  to  impose sexual  orientation  as  a  minority  status  on the  world.  The  LGBT  lobby  must  crush  all  free  speech  which  criticizes  the lifestyle. FELCHING Felching / Things to know What is felching? Felching is sucking (usually your own) … Continue reading

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Take sleep mark death : tolerance and unconditional love ?

The  present  face  of  LGBT  activism  in Jamaica.         LGBT  activism  in  England  :    

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The usual lies about homophobic killings for Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ? Gareth Henry: ‘I saw my friends killed … There’s no safe place in this country’ Ex-leader of Jamaican gay and lesbian group J-Flag explains why police death threats forced him to seek asylum in Canada Owen Bowcott and Maya … Continue reading

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LGBT Fascism (England) – Loss of freedom of religion and conscience   Christian Bed And Breakfast Owner Susanne Wilkinson ‘Discriminated Against Gay Couple’ The Huffington Post UK  |  By Jessica Elgot Posted: 18/10/2012 16:57 Updated: 18/10/2012 16:57 reddit stumble 5 7 3 227 Get UK Alerts: Sign Up React: … Continue reading

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LGBT Fascism (Canada) – Alberta Court of Appeal sets back fascist agenda

The  fascist  LGBT  agenda  received  a  set  back  in  Canada  as  the  Alberta  Court  of  Appeal rules  Pastor’s  letter  not criminal  “hate  speech” Alberta Court of Appeal: Pastor’s letter on homosexual agenda not criminal “hate speech” The opinion … Continue reading

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LGBT Fascism (Pennsylvania – Marcavage Vs Rendell) : Take sleep mark death !

In 2004   11  christians  are  arrested  in Pennsylvania  after  protesting  by  preaching  and singing  hyms  at  Outfest 2004, Philadelphia’s National Coming Out Day celebration  under  an  unconstitutionally implemented expanded hate crimes law .   The  illegally  implemented  law  was  eventually  … Continue reading

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LGBT Fascism (Hugh Owens – Canada) : Take sleep mark death !

Lifesite News  reports  on the  Hugh Owens  case  in Canada Canadian Victory for Christian Freedom: Bible = Hate Literature Ruling Reversed by Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:15 EST Comments (0) By John-Henry Westen REGINA, April 13, 2006 … Continue reading

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LGBT Fascism ( The Johns – England) : “Take sleep and mark death” ! Where’s the tolerance from the LGBT lobby? Friday, May 18, 2012 Dear Editor, Given that May 17 was observed as International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO), it is critical that we define terms. A phobia is an irrational … Continue reading

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Remove your Buggery Law then ……. “Hate speech” ?!!!

In  the  article  below  Gay  rights  activist   Peter  Tatchell  recognizes  that  the  architects  of  the Law  in some  western  democracies  have  gone  over  board but  do  other  gay  rights  activists  recognize  this  ? Until  some  five  years  ago  this  … Continue reading

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