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More on secular incoherence : Of “rights”,hogs and evolution.

Secularism distinguishes  itself  by  its  illogic. Below  Ian Boyne  lectures  Hilaire  Sobers , a  typically  incoherent  secularist. Hilaire Sobers Ian Boyne, Contributor ‘Christians have a ready and easy answer: Humans are made in the image of God and are God’s children. … Continue reading

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Of Human rights, anarchy and depravity

In his  commentary  below  Human Rights  lawyer  Hilaire  Sobers  sees  religion , and  in the context  of  Jamaica, Christianity  as  a treat  to  Human Rights  as  religion  imposes  its  morality  on  societies. As  a  secularist, i.e  one  who  holds  the … Continue reading

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On distinguishing human rights from anarchy and depravity – the Jamaican Press

Mr.  Hilaire  Sobers  is  a  lawyer  .  He  has  worked  at  the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights  (IACHR)  since  2004.  Below  (A) is  his  commentary  on  religion  and human rights in response  to  another  commentary  by  sociologist  and  Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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Marriage equality ? : fisting, felching, rimming, anal penetration and the common good.

  Marriage is not just a Christian ordinance: it is a human institution, performing functions for the common good of humanity. –  Peter Espeut Gay Rights Aren’t Human Rights Published: Friday | February 15, 20135 Comments By Peter … Continue reading

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Secular wisdom ? Of private acts and marriage.

Below the writer  criticizes imposition  of  christian morality  on private  acts  between  consenting  individuals  as  totalitarian.  Relating  these  comment  to  the  current  debate  on LGBT  rights  is   the  author   saying  that   the  buggery  law  which criminalizes fisting, felching, … Continue reading

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