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Atheism / secularism provides no logical basis for human rights.

Atheism is a wholly incoherent world view dressed in academic garb but which cannot make any logical statements. This illogic shows up in the discussion on governance and human rights. Secularism is equivalent to atheism in public policy . If … Continue reading

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Dunce , just plain stupid or a plan to re-order society ?

Although  the medical  literature  is  full  of data  as  it  relates  to  HIV  and  MSM  senior Conservative Lord Norman Fowler  appears  to be  ignorant  of  the  facts   and  makes  a  particularly  foolish  presentation  in the House  of  Lords  which is  … Continue reading

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Dunce, Diseased and Depraved .

  “Fools  rush in where wise men never go” The  secular  worldview  which  is  driving  the LGBTTTI  agenda  is  amazing  for  its  incoherence. The ideologues  claim “rights”  when  in their philosophical framework human beings  can have  no  more  rights  than … Continue reading

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Of secularism and main streaming of depravity

According  to  the  National  Secular  Society  of  the UK  secularism champions human rights  above  discriminatory religious demands. It upholds equality laws that  protect women, LGBT people  and  minorities. With  this  approach  it  is  easy  to understand why  secularists  main stream … Continue reading

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Buggery Law and Christianity must go so jackhammering, chariot racing, felching, scat, anal penetration can be “normal and positive” in a secular society The law of England is not Christian The judgment in the case of a Pentecostal couple who wanted to foster children, but refused to accept homosexuality, is an important statement of secular principles The Christian Insitute and similar … Continue reading

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Of Gay pride and jackhammering among MSM

“Gay  is   good”  is  the  mantra  of  LGBT  activists  and  there  supporters. Gay  is  so  good  to  disagree  with the  lifestyle  is  to  be  throughly  despicable –  a   hater, a  bigot  and  a homphobe. FISTING Fisting / Things … Continue reading

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Of sex, jackhammering and the United Nation Declaration of Human Rights

Is  jackhammering  sex  ? Do  Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) have privacy rights to jack hammering ? Is  jackhammering  a  right  protected  by  the United  Nations  Declaration of  Human  rights ? Is  Jamaica  breaking  International  Human rights  conventions … Continue reading

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