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On distinguishing human rights from anarchy and depravity – the Jamaican Press

Mr.  Hilaire  Sobers  is  a  lawyer  .  He  has  worked  at  the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights  (IACHR)  since  2004.  Below  (A) is  his  commentary  on  religion  and human rights in response  to  another  commentary  by  sociologist  and  Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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Of diversity, tolerance and fisting

LGBT  Jamaicans  are  already  entitled  under  the  Law  to  all  the  rights enjoyed  by  all  Jamaicans.   The agitation  that  LGBT  activists  have  demonstrated  over   the  buggery  law  is  because  it criminalizes scat, “farming”, fisting, felching, rimming, chariot racing, … Continue reading

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We are Jamaicans. So we should trade freedom of speech, conscience,and religion for decriminalization of fisting, felching etc ?

The  speaker  in the video  below  advocates  for  Jamaicans  to  embrace  homosexuals   and  inevitably  their  lifestyles,  which  for  Men who  have Sex  with Men (MSM) involves extremely unhealthy  and  bizarre practices  such as  fisting, felching, rimming etc  in addition … Continue reading

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We are Jamaicans. So all behaviours must be tolerated ?

    Testifyingtotruth  holds   firmly   that  all  Jamaicans,  including  LGBTQ   Jamaicans,  have  all  the  rights  stated   in  the  Jamaican Charter  of  Rights. This  Blog  is  however  surprised  at  the  unqualified  support  the  speaker  gives  to   … Continue reading

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