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LGBT fascism and human sexuality.

In  the  video  Jamaican  Minister  of  Education,  Ronald  Thwaites  identifies   and  addresses   the  fascist  intent  of  the LGBT  lobby. For   the   fascist  LGBT  lobby   and  its  supporters  Christianity  is  a  bugbear   because  unlike  the  depraved  secular … Continue reading

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More on secular incoherence : Of “rights”,hogs and evolution.

Secularism distinguishes  itself  by  its  illogic. Below  Ian Boyne  lectures  Hilaire  Sobers , a  typically  incoherent  secularist. Hilaire Sobers Ian Boyne, Contributor ‘Christians have a ready and easy answer: Humans are made in the image of God and are God’s children. … Continue reading

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