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JUTC ad seeks to softens public to same sex relationships

    An ad  like  the  following  but  with females was  seen on a  JUTC  bus. The  ad  is  clearly   seeking  to soften the public  on  same  sex  relationships. The  public  must , however ,  not  allow  itself  to … Continue reading

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Of being braindead and “rights” to spawn and perpetuate epidemics

   –  Senator Mark Golding, Jamaica’s Minister of Justice, said the country’s laws “prohibit violence and intimidation against all persons, including gay persons” and that the government expects police to protect all citizens. –   The above  excerpt  from the  … Continue reading

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Of lies, “homophobic” killings, name calling and an unfortunate affair

The  following  editorial  from  the  Jamaica  observer  highlights  a  number  of  important  truths regarding  LGBT  matters.   1. The  LGBT  lobby’s  commitment  to  lies for propaganda  effect  calling  any  killing  of  homosexuals  a “homophobic ”  killing 2.The “boy who cried … Continue reading

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