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English LGBT Fascism : Street preacher arrested for “homophobic” language

Disclaimer :  This  Blog does  not  support  violence  against anyone so if  it can be  proven  that  the street preacher incited violence against LGBT persons the British police could  not  be  faulted  in carrying  out  their  duties.   English  LGBT … Continue reading

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We are Jamaicans – Whitney , LGBTTTI with ?Z next , and “fools rush in…”

” Fools  rush  in where  wise men never  go” There  is  no  logical  reason  within the  atheist / secular  worldview  why  the next in   the   series  of  “We  are  Jamaicans “ video  produced  by  the Jamaica  Forum of  Lesbians, … Continue reading

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Of Gay pride and jackhammering among MSM

“Gay  is   good”  is  the  mantra  of  LGBT  activists  and  there  supporters. Gay  is  so  good  to  disagree  with the  lifestyle  is  to  be  throughly  despicable –  a   hater, a  bigot  and  a homphobe. FISTING Fisting / Things … Continue reading

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Of “watersports”, “chariot racing”, “jackhammering” and “a phobia of sorts”

Secularists  claim  that  homosexuality is  natural  because  it is  a phenomenon  observed  in nature  and  that  to  regard  it  as  unsatisfactory  or  not  ideal   is  to  be socially  wrong  and  mentally  ill  “homophobic”.   Cancer  also  occurs  naturally – … Continue reading

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Of sex, jackhammering and the United Nation Declaration of Human Rights

Is  jackhammering  sex  ? Do  Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) have privacy rights to jack hammering ? Is  jackhammering  a  right  protected  by  the United  Nations  Declaration of  Human  rights ? Is  Jamaica  breaking  International  Human rights  conventions … Continue reading

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Of Human rights, anarchy and depravity

In his  commentary  below  Human Rights  lawyer  Hilaire  Sobers  sees  religion , and  in the context  of  Jamaica, Christianity  as  a treat  to  Human Rights  as  religion  imposes  its  morality  on  societies. As  a  secularist, i.e  one  who  holds  the … Continue reading

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UTech’s future ? – No discrimination !! so Christian group booted from Michigan University   Monday, 04 February 2013 21:30 Christian Group Booted From Michigan University Written by  Dave Bohon InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected campus-based Christian ministries, said in early February that the University of Michigan has … Continue reading

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