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Two for the price of one : Good riddance to Bera and his LGBT + policies of sexual nihilism , sexual anarchy and gender confusion.

Testifyingtotruth  is  delighted  to  see  the back  of President Obama  aka  Bera , King of  Sodom  and High Priest of  Molech the  Canaanite  god  of  infant sacrifice. During  his  eight years in office  President Obama’s  determined  commitment  was  to  advance … Continue reading

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English LGBT Fascism : Street preacher arrested for “homophobic” language

Disclaimer :  This  Blog does  not  support  violence  against anyone so if  it can be  proven  that  the street preacher incited violence against LGBT persons the British police could  not  be  faulted  in carrying  out  their  duties.   English  LGBT … Continue reading

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LGBT fascism and human sexuality.

In  the  video  Jamaican  Minister  of  Education,  Ronald  Thwaites  identifies   and  addresses   the  fascist  intent  of  the LGBT  lobby. For   the   fascist  LGBT  lobby   and  its  supporters  Christianity  is  a  bugbear   because  unlike  the  depraved  secular … Continue reading

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Punishing homophobes Why Laws Matter: the Robert Carr Memorial Lecture By Maurice Tomlinson July 21, 2012 On July 21, 2012, Maurice Tomlinson, AIDS-Free World’s legal advisor on marginalized groups, delivered the first Robert Carr Memorial Lecture at the MSMGF Pre-Conference … Continue reading

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Take sleep mark death : tolerance and unconditional love ?

The  present  face  of  LGBT  activism  in Jamaica.         LGBT  activism  in  England  :    

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LGBT Fascism : Concerns about freedom of Speech in Jamaican Press Gays’ threat to free speech Published: Sunday | May 6, 2012 18 Comments Ian Boyne, Contributor Journalists, including the local fraternity, celebrated World Press Freedom Day last Thursday, and our minister of information, in a Senate statement, basked in … Continue reading

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