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Inventors of Stupidity : Sexual nihilists and anarchists risk side effects of liver and kidney failure in order to engage in buggery

  Pre-exposure  prophylaxis  or  PreEP  is like  taking  antibiotics  which  could  damage  one’s  liver  and kidney  resulting  in liver and  kidney  failure  in order  to  satisfy  an  addiction for  drinking  water from sewers. TRUVADA side effects. It … Continue reading

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Dunce and Diseased.

  ” Stupid”     As  is  to be  expected the  sexual  nihilists  and  sexual  anarchists  who  follow  the  “sexual  rights”  LGBTTTIQA +  ideology  are  not  only  dunce  they  are also  diseased.   “Between 2014 and 2015, the number of … Continue reading

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Of sexual anarchy, moral nihilism and talking zombies.

  “The  fool  has  said  in his  heart… there  is  no  God” ……Psalm 14:1….. Atheists often claim to be rational and to base their decision making on reason however the following succinctly shows why if atheists really understood their world view … Continue reading

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UNAIDS condemns stigma and discrimination against anal penetration, fisting, felching (aka slurping) by MSM ?

A) UNAIDS are a group of United Nations agencies which are working to eliminate HIV worldwide.. On Page 123 of the document ” UNAIDS OUTLOOK 2010″ homophobia is defined as follows : “What is homophobia? UNAIDS describes   homophobia as intolerance … Continue reading

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English LGBT Fascism : Street preacher arrested for “homophobic” language

Disclaimer :  This  Blog does  not  support  violence  against anyone so if  it can be  proven  that  the street preacher incited violence against LGBT persons the British police could  not  be  faulted  in carrying  out  their  duties.   English  LGBT … Continue reading

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Urbane and sophisticated or dunce and diseased ? Syphilis epidemic hits B.C. Health authorities warn gay, bisexual men of 30-year high in syphilis infections The Canadian Press Posted: Jun 6, 2013 3:43 PM PT Last Updated: Jun 6, 2013 5:18 PM PT Treponema pallidum, the bacterium responsible … Continue reading

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Dunce, Diseased and Depraved .

  “Fools  rush in where wise men never go” The  secular  worldview  which  is  driving  the LGBTTTI  agenda  is  amazing  for  its  incoherence. The ideologues  claim “rights”  when  in their philosophical framework human beings  can have  no  more  rights  than … Continue reading

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Of secular stupidity, delusions of “alternate” lifestyles and reality of disease

“Thinking  themselves  wise  they  became  fools”  –  Saul  of  Tarsus “Fools  rush in where wise men never go”  Secularism  is nothing  if  not incoherent. Those  who  follow  the  ideology  appear  to believe  that  they  can create  their own reality.  Hence, … Continue reading

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Feigning sense, talking nonsense and paying the consequences of depravity.

  ” Fools  rush in  ……..”   Public Health Impact Notifiable disease surveillance data on syphilis and data from GISP suggest that some STDs in MSM, including men who have sex with both women and men, are increasing.1–4 Because STDs … Continue reading

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Of Terrence Higgins Trust and teaching same -sex “marriage” in schools in the UK.

  The  following  is  from  the British  TV programme  “This Morning”   There  is  obvious  support  for  the views  of  “Terrence  Higgins  Trust”  the UK charity  which receives  financial  support  from  the British  government  and  publishes  the “Hard  Cell  Playroom” … Continue reading

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