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On distinguishing human rights from anarchy and depravity – the Jamaican Press

Mr.  Hilaire  Sobers  is  a  lawyer  .  He  has  worked  at  the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights  (IACHR)  since  2004.  Below  (A) is  his  commentary  on  religion  and human rights in response  to  another  commentary  by  sociologist  and  Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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Atheism, morality, autonomy and the logic of a “right” to sex with donkeys

  Without  the  transcendent  (supernatural)  we  are  all  simply  chemical reactions  obeying  the  laws  of  physics.  No  metaphysical  concept  of  good and  evil  or  “ought to”   could   be derived  from our  chemical  reactions  certainly  no  more  than  they  can  … Continue reading

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Objective Morality : William Lane Craig vs Sam Harris

The  combination  of  belligerence ,incoherence, stupidity  and  atheism  is   uniquely   characteristic  of   the   “New  Atheist”  fortunately  not  all  atheist  are  as stupid  as  New  Atheists. Below  theist  William  Lane  Craig  debates  New  Atheist  Sam  Harris  on … Continue reading

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