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Secular wisdom and living by lust : The LGBTTTI (IMZ) Agenda

  “Fools  rush in where wise men never go  and angels fear  to tread” Pandora’s  Box The  Gay rights movement  has morphed  into  the LGBTTTI  lobby but more  is  on the way.  Will  President  Obama  and   Prime  Minister  David … Continue reading

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We are Jamaicans. So Pastors may not call homosexuality sin ?

      Prominent pastor out of Obama Inaugural after revelation he called homosexuality a ‘sin’ curable by Christianity Rev. Louis Giglio, head of Georgia’s Passion City Church, withdraws saying his participation would be dwarfed by controversy over his comments. … Continue reading

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Of Buggery Laws, the power and prestige of the Office Of President of the United States and chariot racing.

” desires  of  homosexuals  equivalent  to  the  physical  traits  of  blacks  ? “ A) According  to  Wikipedia  The  American Psychology Association (APA)  includes  consideration of attraction, identity  and  behaviour  in   the  determination  of  sexual  orientation . According  to  institutions  such as  the … Continue reading

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