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Of sexual anarchy, moral nihilism and talking zombies.

  “The  fool  has  said  in his  heart… there  is  no  God” ……Psalm 14:1….. Atheists often claim to be rational and to base their decision making on reason however the following succinctly shows why if atheists really understood their world view … Continue reading

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English LGBT Fascism : Street preacher arrested for “homophobic” language

Disclaimer :  This  Blog does  not  support  violence  against anyone so if  it can be  proven  that  the street preacher incited violence against LGBT persons the British police could  not  be  faulted  in carrying  out  their  duties.   English  LGBT … Continue reading

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LGBT fascism and human sexuality.

In  the  video  Jamaican  Minister  of  Education,  Ronald  Thwaites  identifies   and  addresses   the  fascist  intent  of  the LGBT  lobby. For   the   fascist  LGBT  lobby   and  its  supporters  Christianity  is  a  bugbear   because  unlike  the  depraved  secular … Continue reading

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Of Terrence Higgins Trust and teaching same -sex “marriage” in schools in the UK.

  The  following  is  from  the British  TV programme  “This Morning”   There  is  obvious  support  for  the views  of  “Terrence  Higgins  Trust”  the UK charity  which receives  financial  support  from  the British  government  and  publishes  the “Hard  Cell  Playroom” … Continue reading

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Of Bronze age wisdom and modern secular stupidity and depravity.

The “bronze age”  produced  Bible recommends, for  the common good,  that  marriage  and  sex  should  be  between one man  and one woman  using  the penis  and  the vagina. On the other  hand  in  their  great  wisdom  modern  day “intellectual  and … Continue reading

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More on secular incoherence : Of “rights”,hogs and evolution.

Secularism distinguishes  itself  by  its  illogic. Below  Ian Boyne  lectures  Hilaire  Sobers , a  typically  incoherent  secularist. Hilaire Sobers Ian Boyne, Contributor ‘Christians have a ready and easy answer: Humans are made in the image of God and are God’s children. … Continue reading

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Claiming Privacy : Aids-Free World goes to Supreme Court for privacy rights to anal penetration, fisting,felching, rimming etc Claiming Privacy: First Domestic Challenge to Jamaica’s Anti-Sodomy Law February 11, 2013 In 2011, Jamaica’s Parliament unanimously approved a new Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms which, for the first time, explicitly guarantees the right to privacy. However, … Continue reading

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