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Atheism / secularism provides no logical basis for human rights.

Atheism is a wholly incoherent world view dressed in academic garb but which cannot make any logical statements. This illogic shows up in the discussion on governance and human rights. Secularism is equivalent to atheism in public policy . If … Continue reading

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“Rights” to “Poopapocalypse” in President Obama’s atheist / secular”world as it should be”.

In the Judeo-Christian worldview human rights are the result of the truth that man is created in the image of God i.e the IMAGO DEI. This image of God in man is to be respected and places value on all … Continue reading

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Of sexual anarchy, moral nihilism and talking zombies.

  “The  fool  has  said  in his  heart… there  is  no  God” ……Psalm 14:1….. Atheists often claim to be rational and to base their decision making on reason however the following succinctly shows why if atheists really understood their world view … Continue reading

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is being LGBT on the way to becoming old hat conservatism ?

  “Fools rush in where wise men never go” Tim Stanley Dr Tim Stanley is a historian of the United States. His biography of Pat Buchanan is out now. His personal website is and you can follow … Continue reading

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Of being braindead and “rights” to spawn and perpetuate epidemics

   –  Senator Mark Golding, Jamaica’s Minister of Justice, said the country’s laws “prohibit violence and intimidation against all persons, including gay persons” and that the government expects police to protect all citizens. –   The above  excerpt  from the  … Continue reading

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Of Secular intellectual sophistication , late term abortion , felching , chariot racing and utter depravity

  Secularists  claim  the intellectual  high  ground . They  claim  christians   who  do  not  support  abortion  and  same -sex  relationships  are backward  and  living  in  a  morality from  the  bronze  age. Sophisticated  and  rational  secular  morality  sees  scat, farming, … Continue reading

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We are Jamaicans – Whitney , LGBTTTI with ?Z next , and “fools rush in…”

” Fools  rush  in where  wise men never  go” There  is  no  logical  reason  within the  atheist / secular  worldview  why  the next in   the   series  of  “We  are  Jamaicans “ video  produced  by  the Jamaica  Forum of  Lesbians, … Continue reading

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