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Of secularism, gaystapo ideology, stupidity and Islam

In the article below Giulio Meotti explores the unique stupidity of secularism.  European populations  continue  to decline because of secular ideology and there is a  distinct possibility that by merely avoiding the foolish radical secular  ideology  including its gaystapo component Islam … Continue reading

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Secular public policy achievements : “rights” to “farming” ,double fisting, chariot racing, jackhammering and soon ? paedophilia ?

” Fools rush in where wise men never go” Secularists, who to date, have carved out legal  “rights” to felching , jackhammering,double fisting, chariot racing  farming, scat etc by Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)  in  countries like the … Continue reading

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Where ignorance is bliss is it really folly to be wise ?

Ignorance appears  to  be  bliss  for  LGBT  activists and  their  secular  supporters. These  “bright”  and  “rational”  individuals claim that  there  is  a   “right”  to   receptive anal penetration  which , according  to credible  researchers,  has  played  a  significant  role … Continue reading

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HIV in MSM : anal penetration and role reversal the engine of the epidemic

    Lancet Special Issue on HIV in Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)   Executive Summary The Lancet MSM and HIV series show us that HIV epidemics among MSM are fundamentally different  from other groups at risk. These differences help explain why HIV epidemics among … Continue reading

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Dunce and Diseased. Is the moral relativism / nihilism of secular thought the engine of the HIV pandemic ?

Men having Sex with Men cannot  be  a  logical  construct  in the Christian theistic worldview. It  can  however  be  accepted  as “normal  and positive”  in a secular / atheistic  world view which rejects  design and a transcendent  morality. Secular  morality … Continue reading

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Secular ideology, moral nihilism and HIV in MSM

  ” Fools  rush in where wise men never go” Secular  morality is  of  necessity  individualistic  and  relativistic Secular  ideology  accepts  no  transcendent  objective  morality  but  rather  that  every  one  has  a  “right”  to  do  what  their  desires  dictate  as … Continue reading

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“cutting to the chase ” : Christianity the bugbear, secularism the necessary framework for depraved intimate behaviours

Attacks  on Christianity  are  going  to increase  sharply. The  Christian world view  calls  same-sex  activity  sin  and  forbids  sexual  anarchy restricting  acceptable  sexual  activity  to  a  man and  a woman  in a marriage relationship.    The  offending  wall  of  Christianity … Continue reading

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