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Of plural societies, secular stupidity, depravity and disease.

  “Thinking  themselves  wise  they  became  fools”  –  Saul  of  Tarsus “Fools  rush in where wise men never go”  Secularism  is nothing  if  not incoherent and  plural  societies  cannot  afford  to  embrace, stupidity, depravity  and disease  in the name  of … Continue reading

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Of Secular wisdom, social re-organization, gender Identity , sexual anarchy and “other-specie loving” humans

The  breath  and depth  of  the  incoherence  of  the  atheist / secular  worldview  is  wondrous.   This  is  so , at  least  in part , because  atheists /  secularists  reject  design  and  purpose in  the  universe   and   are … Continue reading

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Do you hear what I hear ? World views and the “greater good” : why bestiality will be a “right”.

” we wish to remove the buggery  law  in order to  make  all  sexual  orientations  and all  intimate  activities , whatever  the  nature of the   participants (human / human  or human / non human), normal,  legal  and  morally  equivalent … Continue reading

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Of worldviews , autonomy, anal penetration, scat and farming

worldview |ˈwərldˌvyoō| (also world view)noun : 1.  a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world 2. a commitment, a  fundamental  orientation  of  the  heart,that  can  be  expressed  as  a  story or  in a set  of  presuppositions (assumptions which  may  be  true  … Continue reading

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Creating “rights” to depravity

This blog does not  support violence against LGBT  persons because of  their sexual orientation  nor does it seek to deny LGBT persons  their  human rights to life, property,freedom of speech  etc which are common to all humans. However this blog  … Continue reading

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” privacy rights” to depraved behaviour ?

After World War 2  the victorious  Allies  had  to  contend  with the challenge  of  how  to  bring  the  Nazi  leadership  to  justice  for  their  actions during  the War. The  Nazis  defense included  that  their  actions  were  not  illegal  under  German … Continue reading

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Gay the “new” black, the “Hard Cell Playroom” the “new” normal, sodomy laws the “new” Jim Crow

The APA decision December 1973: declassification of homosexuality as an illness, Charles Kaiser argues, was the gay movement’s most revolutionary moment. (Bold beginnings).…-a094598255 The best day of the 20th century for every lesbian and gay man in America was … Continue reading

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