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Of sexual anarchy, moral nihilism and talking zombies.

  “The  fool  has  said  in his  heart… there  is  no  God” ……Psalm 14:1….. Atheists often claim to be rational and to base their decision making on reason however the following succinctly shows why if atheists really understood their world view … Continue reading

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Secular stupidity : A right to behaviour which spawned the HIV pandemic ?

  “fools  rush in where wise men never  go” It is  typical of  the  secular  world  view  that  those  the  adhere  to it  claim  that  there  is  a “right” to  an  activity which  played  a  crucial  part  in  the   origin  … Continue reading

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Of Gay pride and jackhammering among MSM

“Gay  is   good”  is  the  mantra  of  LGBT  activists  and  there  supporters. Gay  is  so  good  to  disagree  with the  lifestyle  is  to  be  throughly  despicable –  a   hater, a  bigot  and  a homphobe. FISTING Fisting / Things … Continue reading

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Of Terrence Higgins Trust and teaching same -sex “marriage” in schools in the UK.

  The  following  is  from  the British  TV programme  “This Morning”   There  is  obvious  support  for  the views  of  “Terrence  Higgins  Trust”  the UK charity  which receives  financial  support  from  the British  government  and  publishes  the “Hard  Cell  Playroom” … Continue reading

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Bermuda embraces the Hard Cell Playroom .

Bermuda  has  decided  that  it  will   prohibit  discrimination  in the provision of  goods, services  and  accommodation  on the ground  of  sexual  orientation. Sexual  orientation is  defined  by attraction, identity  and  behaviours. In making this legislative adjustment Bermuda  is  embracing … Continue reading

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United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy considers fisting, felching, rimming, farming, scat, chariot racing among MSM normal aspects of diversity.

By definition sexual  orientation is  defined  by attraction, identity  and   behaviour. For  Men who  have  Sex  with Men this  includes fisting, felching, rimming, farming, scat, chariot racing, anal penetration  etc.   United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy  apparently  consisders  these  behaviours   … Continue reading

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Political correctness and LGBT fascism preventing research on fecal incontinence in MSM ?

Why are  there so  few studies  on fecal incontinence  in Men who  have  Sex with Men ? Could  political correctness play  a  part ?   are  researchers  and  editors intimidated  by  political  correctness and  LGBT  fascism ? Clin Colon … Continue reading

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“Sex” in the secular society : the modern “intellectual and reasoned” wisdom .

The “bronze age”  produced  Bible recommends, for  the common good,  that  marriage  and  sex  should  be  between one man  and one woman  using  the penis  and  the vagina. On the other  hand  in  their  great  wisdom  modern  day “intellectual  and … Continue reading

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Of Buggery Laws, the power and prestige of the Office Of President of the United States and chariot racing.

” desires  of  homosexuals  equivalent  to  the  physical  traits  of  blacks  ? “ A) According  to  Wikipedia  The  American Psychology Association (APA)  includes  consideration of attraction, identity  and  behaviour  in   the  determination  of  sexual  orientation . According  to  institutions  such as  the … Continue reading

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Seeking to change same sex behaviour eg anal penetration, fisting, etc an abuse of human rights ?

“Perversion : the inability to make  decisions in one’s own best  interest”   With  HIV  out  of  control  among  Men who have  Sex  with Men (MSM) in France  and  HIV  and  other  STIs increasing  disproportionately  among  MSM   for  the … Continue reading

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