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Secular Stupidity — Euthanasia, “more rights”, “more choice” and “Staring into the Abyss”

Euthanasia  is  legal  in  the Netherlands. Michael  Cook examines  some  of  the issues  at  : Euthanasia becoming integral part of Dutch medicine by Michael Cook | Sep 17, 2011 | Dutch doctors have a professional obligation to refer patients … Continue reading

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F Y I : All Atheists are not as stupid as the New Atheists.

Carl  Packman  is  atheist  but  is  neither  belligerent  nor  stupid  –  the  combination  of  belligerence , stupidity  and  atheism  is   uniquely   characteristic  of   the   “New  Atheist” . Packman writes  on the  New  Atheists  in his  blog … Continue reading

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