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The homofascist Gaystapo seeking to control thought and speech     Members of Vancouver’s Christian community and city officials are furiously trying to stop controversial Christian evangelist Franklin Graham from speaking to thousands of people at an event next week at Rogers Arena. Graham is speaking at … Continue reading

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A matter of biology not simply violence.

  Those who  find  pleasure  in sadomasochism sometimes use  handcuffs  in their  pleasure seeking  activities  should  handcuffing  someone against  their will therefore  be  considered  rape  ? Garth Rattray | The Incongruity Of Jamaican Rape Published:Monday | February … Continue reading

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Peter Espeut : Telling it like it is     Peter Espeut | Ginnalship And Redefining Rape Published:Friday | February 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM A parliamentary committee has been tasked to come up with a ‘perfect definition’ of rape, and the lobbyists are lining … Continue reading

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Keep LGBT + suppression of freedom of speech out of Jamaica.

  “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money”.   Matthew 6 :24   … Continue reading

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Two for the price of one : Good riddance to Bera and his LGBT + policies of sexual nihilism , sexual anarchy and gender confusion.

Testifyingtotruth  is  delighted  to  see  the back  of President Obama  aka  Bera , King of  Sodom  and High Priest of  Molech the  Canaanite  god  of  infant sacrifice. During  his  eight years in office  President Obama’s  determined  commitment  was  to  advance … Continue reading

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Facebook suppresses truth of Hiliary Clinton’s support for abortion

    It is  amazing  that  in 2016  a candidate  for  the presidency of  the  United  States who supports the  savagery  and   barbarism  of  abortion is  able  to get traction with the  American voters.        

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New York’s 31 genders or “When lunatics run the asylum”

    This  bit  of  nonsense  is  self explanatory  but  it  has  its roots  in atheism. Atheist  hold  that  there is no  evidence  for God .   They deny  design  and  purpose  in the universe  and seek  to impose  their … Continue reading

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