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English LGBT Fascism : Street preacher arrested for “homophobic” language

Disclaimer :  This  Blog does  not  support  violence  against anyone so if  it can be  proven  that  the street preacher incited violence against LGBT persons the British police could  not  be  faulted  in carrying  out  their  duties.   English  LGBT … Continue reading

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Of Terrence Higgins Trust and teaching same -sex “marriage” in schools in the UK.

  The  following  is  from  the British  TV programme  “This Morning”   There  is  obvious  support  for  the views  of  “Terrence  Higgins  Trust”  the UK charity  which receives  financial  support  from  the British  government  and  publishes  the “Hard  Cell  Playroom” … Continue reading

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The rights of children : Of foolish secular English Judges and the wisdom of aetheist French homosexuals

“Sometimes  the role of  the intelligent man is simply  to point out  the obvious” –  George  Orwell   “Fools  rush  in where  wise men never  go and angels  fear to  tread” Lord  Justice  Munby  and Mr. Justice Beaston  the  classic … Continue reading

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Marriage equality or undermining the nature, meaning and purpose of marriage ?

  “Thinking themselves wise they became fools” Paul of Tarsus   British   Prime  Minister  David  Cameron, President  Barak  Obama  and  other  western liberals  are  defining  new  equals  in nature:              male + male  = … Continue reading

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Britain going swimmingly down the tubes : focuses on same sex marriage whilst heterosexual marriages fall apart

  “Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad”   Euripedes “Sometimes the role of the intelligent man is simply to point out the obvious” George  Orwell It has been said  that perversion is being unable to make decisions … Continue reading

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Britain Today : Anal penetration, scat etc trumps Christian values for child rearing, HIV highest ever among MSM, Mohammed most popular name for boys

“Those whom  the gods wish to destroy they  first make mad”                                                            … Continue reading

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“Those whom the gods wish to destroy …….” and “He who has ears to hear .. Let him hear”

This Blog  does  not  wish harm to Men who have Sex with Men (MSM). It  is  here  to speak the truth. This  Blog holds  that   metaphysical considerations  such  as  purpose  and  design  in the universe  and  the implications  of … Continue reading

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