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Dr. Figueroa gives inaccurate data on HIV in MSM in the Bahamas.

  In the  post  below two  experts  give  wrong  data  on the prevalence  of  HIV among  MSM  in the Bahamas.  They  both claim that  the  Bahamas is  a  country  in which  there is  no  buggery  law  and  has  HIV rates … Continue reading

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MSM, HIV and Methamphetamine use

    Addiction. 2007 Apr;102 Suppl 1:130-5. Methamphetamine use and infectious disease-related behaviors in men who have sex with men: implications for interventions. Shoptaw S, Reback CJ. Source UCLA Department of Family Medicine and Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, David Geffen … Continue reading

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American Televangelists stroking LGBT “hatred” in Jamaica ?

http://changingattitude.org.uk/archives/5060 Remarks by Maurice Tomlinson, AIDS-Free World’s Legal Advisor on Marginalized Groups, upon receiving the inaugural ‘David Kato Vision and Voice Award’ Changing Attitude, January 30th, 2012 Be the first to comment London, UK, January 29, 2012, 6:00 PM I would like to start … Continue reading

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Recommended Readings in the Jamaican Press on the LGBTTTI Agenda # 3

    Jamaica  has  been  described  as  “little  but tallawah”  meaning  small  but  capable. Fortunately  for  the  Jamaican  public   this capacity  applies  to  understanding  the  LGBTTTI  “rights”  agenda .  Local  commentators  have  written  excellent   articles  in  the   press   … Continue reading

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Removal of sodomy laws – Gay rights trump HIV / AIDS prevention

There  is  overwhelming  scientific evidence   documenting  the  fact   that  Men who  have  Sex  with  Men  (MSM) , by  their  behavior, are  at  great  risk  for   HIV / AIDS.  In  Singapore  the  prevalence  of  HIV  in MSM  is  2.6% … Continue reading

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The economic cost of private behaviour between consenting adults

” What is done in private between consenting individuals  is  no body’s business  but  their  own”   ? A) The following  is  from the  Centers  for  Disease  Control   at : http://www.cdc.gov/std/stats10/trends.htm STD Trends in the United States: 2010 National Data for … Continue reading

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Decreasing HIV in MSM – Legalizing Sodomy or Stopping Childhood Sexual Abuse ?

Childhood  Sexual  Abuse  (CSA)  is  a  known  marker  for  risky  sexual  behaviour  as  research  below  shows. Legalizing  sodomy  has not  been  shown to  lead  to  sustained  decrease  in  HIV/AIDS  among  MSM  so  why  are  the  eminent  persons  group  of  the  … Continue reading

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Unconditional love or dangerous and irresponsible propaganda ?

In  their  essay   “THE OVERHAULING OF STRAIGHT AMERICA” at :  http://library.gayhomeland.org/0018/EN/EN_Overhauling_Str…       Marshall  Kirk  and  Erastes  Pill   list  the  fourth  step  in the  strategy  as  follows : “[4] MAKE GAYS LOOK GOOD. In order to make a Gay Victim sympathetic to … Continue reading

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